4.0 Working with Others

4.0 Working with Others

In recognition of the actual and potential impact of the operation of the historic canals on others, Parks Canada will cooperate with provincial departments, individuals, agencies and groups to achieve its objectives. The involvement of others (including volunteer groups such as cooperating associations) in the provision of certain appropriate services and facilities to the public contributes to the achievement of objectives relating to public needs.

Parks Canada will consult with tourism and recreational groups, as well as with other levels of government, in identifying opportunities for the private sector to supply appropriate services and facilities on the historic canals.

Historic canals contribute to regional tourism by being managed in a manner that recognizes historical and environmental requirements. Where appropriate, Parks Canada will participate in, and provide leadership to, selected community and inter-agency tourism initiatives.

Parks Canada recognizes that the management of historic canals has a social and economic impact on adjacent lands and other jurisdictions, and will work with local, provincial and other federal agencies to assist in the planning, protection and presentation of cultural and natural resources in the regions adjacent to the historic canals.

Parks Canada will cooperate with the appropriate provincial authorities in their management of renewable natural resources that are harvested on lands and waters administered by Parks Canada.

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