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Federal Heritage Buildings Federal Building 269 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba
© C. Lefebvre, 2008
The Winnipeg Federal Building, built in 1935–36, is designated as a Classified federal heritage building. One of the two largest buildings constructed under Canada’s Public Works Construction Act of 1934, it is among the very few buildings constructed in Winnipeg during the Depression. This building is an excellent example of “Classical Moderne” architecture, which is characterized by formal and symmetrical composition, a sense of mass and weight, and stylized, symbolic decoration.
Storage Buildings Bar U Ranch
Storage Buildings Bar U Ranch, National Historic Site of Canada Longview, Alberta
© C. Lefebvre, 2008
Storage Buildings 8, 9 and 10 are designated as Classified federal heritage buildings because of their historical associations as components of the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site, because of their functional design and contribution to the overall aesthetic qualities of the complex, and because of the exceptional qualities of their site and setting.

The role of Parks Canada Agency with respect to the conservation of built heritage is to establish national goals to protect federal heritage buildings and national historic sites, as well as to develop policies, standards and guidelines, in consultation with other federal departments and agencies. This role is set out in the Parks Canada Agency Act. The Treasury Board Policy on Management of Real Property recognizes Parks Canada's authority in this area.1

Parks Canada manages the national historical commemoration program, which recognizes nationally significant places, persons and events in Canadian history. Designations of national historic significance are made by the Minister of Environment on the advice of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (HSMBC). Parks Canada's responsibilities also include the conservation of national parks, national marine conservation areas and national historic sites under its jurisdiction. The Agency is responsible for the protection of all buildings and other works located on its land (including Classified and Recognized federal heritage buildings). However, this responsibility does not include national historic sites that are administered by other departments or agencies, although the Agency may provide them with advice and guidance about conserving the heritage value of these sites, on request.


1 Treasury Board Policy on Management of Real Property, s. 8.11

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