Guiding principles

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

These guiding principles are based on ethics and values from Haida law. They were adapted to support planning on Haida Gwaii and have been modified for the Gwaii Haanas context. They align with principles of ecosystem-based management described in scientific, planning and management literature.


Giid tlljuus - Balance

How to pronounce Giid tlljuus

The world is as sharp as the edge of a knife. Balance is needed in our interactions with the natural world. Care must be taken to avoid reaching a point of no return and to restore balance where it has been lost. All practices in Gwaii Haanas must be sustainable.

Black bear and fish

Gina 'waadluxan gud ad kwaagid - Interconnectedness

How to Pronounce Gina 'waadluxan gud ad kwaagid

Everything depends on everything else. Healthy ecosystems sustain culture, communities and an abundant diversity of life, for generations to come.


Yahguudang - Respect

How to pronounce Yahguudang

We respect each other and all living things. We take only what we need, we give thanks, and we acknowledge those who behave accordingly.

Ancient Murrelet

'Laa guu ga kanhllns - Responsibility

How to pronounce 'Laa guu ga kanhllns

We accept the responsibility to manageand care for the land and sea together. We work with others to ensure that the natural and cultural heritage of Gwaii Haanas is passed on to future generations.

Cedar tree

Isda ad dii gii isda - Giving and Receiving

How to pronounce Isda ad dii gii isda

Reciprocity is an essential practice for interactions with each other and the natural and spiritual worlds. We continually give thanks for the gifts that we receive.

Mouse Woman

Gina k'aadang.nga gii uu tll k'anguudang - Seeking Wise Council

How to pronounce Gina k'aadang.nga gii uu tll k'anguudang

Haida elders teach about traditional ways and how to work in harmony with the natural world. Like the forests, the roots of all people are intertwined. Together we consider new ideas, traditional knowledge and scientific information that allow us to respond to change in keeping with culture, values and laws.

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