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Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

By Amelia Chaplin

Each day this summer our guides will be set up at rest stops along Highway 17 to answer questions about Lake Superior NMCA and the surrounding region, and offer fun activities such as prop talks and games which highlight the natural and cultural history of Lake Superior, including shipwrecks, raptors, and invasive species!

Parks Canada converted a trailer into a miniature mobile information center. This mobile exhibit is intended to inform visitors about ways to enjoy Lake Superior through community events, key lookouts, hiking trails, and tourist operators in the region.  The trailer is also stocked with Parks Canada merchandise, including a brand new Lake Superior NMCA colouring book created last year by one of our talented students!

As planning for the Lake Superior NMCA Discovery Centre moves forward, the trailer serves as an excellent interim venue for visitor contact and mobile interpretation services. Visitors have the opportunity to have a powerful and interactive experience anywhere along Lake Superior NMCA’s shoreline or virtually out on the water.  We are bringing Parks Canada directly to the public!

Our staff are roving throughout the region until the end of August.

Have a question? Come chat with us! For more information and our weekly schedule visit:


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