Campground Reservation System and National Information System

Executive Summary

In October 2000, Parks Canada initiated a project to examine its options for the provision of campground reservation services. This initiative was prompted by an executive decision to implement a contracted solution for essential services under the Parks Visitors Relationship Management Strategy in support of the federal government Government-on-Line initiative to provide online access to its services.

Although envisioned generally as a campsite reservation application it is the desire of Parks Canada that the System incorporates many of the fundamental business functions of park management. In addition, in response to the needs of its portfolio partners, the campground reservation solution must have the flexibility to allow for future expansion for other reservation services and facilities and eventually event reservations and ticketing.

The campground reservation system project is an example of this proactive approach to information technology and its implementation will move Parks Canada further in the direction of connecting its client base.

The reasons for implementing a campground reservation system are many and varied, however, there are key fundamental motivations for doing so. These are as follows:

  • To provide peace-of-mind to visitors planning trips to national parks in order to make their camping experience more enjoyable;
  • To provide a means for better management of supply and demand;
  • To allow Parks Canada to keep up with current sales and market practices;
  • To provide for better use management and visitor service i.e. manage line-ups;
  • To increase visitor satisfaction through responding to demands for services;
  • To allow for optimal use of the campgrounds and campsites;
  • To provide equal camping opportunities to all campers; and
  • To promote greater awareness of Parks Canada and its camping offerings.

All of the risks identified have been assessed as Low risk items, primarily due to the fact that the system actually manages a very limited amount of low sensitivity personal information.

Privacy Risk Management Plan

The following four risks have been identified:

  1. Accountability for Personal Information – Low risk
  2. Collection of Personal Information – Low risk
  3. Disclosure and Disposition of Personal Information – Low risk
  4. Safeguarding Personal Information – Low risk

Related Personal Information Bank:

Campground Registration
Bank Number: PC PPU 068

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