Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

Massive moss-draped cedar and Sitka spruce tower above the Haida people’s ancient carved poles and fallen longhouses on the lush rainforest islands of Gwaii Haanas. Skies fill with bald eagles, bears scavenge salmon on wild beaches and the ocean teems with breaching whales, porpoises and sea lions. Experience a rich, remote landscape and seascape steeped in spirituality, protected by Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Haida who draw cultural inspiration from the land and waters of their ancestors.

Explore ancient Haida village sites

Weathered, carved poles, longhouse ruins and traditional Haida culture are brought to life at five island village archeological sites by knowledgeable resident Haida Gwaii Watchmen.

Cruise through an ocean teeming with wildlife

Sailing or powerboating in waters rich with wildlife offers the most freedom for exploring Gwaii Haanas’ maze of islands.

Kayak up-close to nature

Kayaking encourages slower paced and more intimate experiences with the ocean and its creatures as well as the primordial wilderness and culture of Gwaii Haanas’ network of islands.

Visiting Gwaii Haanas

Activities and experiences

Things to do, interpretive programs, kayaking, bird watching, and at-home activities.

Plan your visit

How to get here, facilities and services, weather, and maps, tide tables and charts.

Tours and programs

Guided tours, programs, workshops, and learning experiences

Travelling to Haida Gwaii

Community services, tourism information.

Getting to Gwaii Haanas

Self guided trip, or travelling with a licensed tour operator

Reservations and fees

Daily visitor fees, camping and program fees, and more. Free admission for youth.

Tour operators

Guided day trips, guided kayak excursions, guided sailboat and powerboat multiday excursions.

Safety and guidelines

Wildlife, weather, environment, seasonal safety, and site regulations.

Important bulletins

Requirements, restrictions, and closures.

About Gwaii Haanas

Nature and science

Conservation and science, indigenous knowledge, animals, plants, the environment and ecosystem restoration.

Culture and history

Haida cultural sites, Haida Gwaii Watchmen, Legacy Pole.

Stewardship and management

Cooperative management, Land-Sea-People Management Plan, guiding principles, establishment, partners, permits.

How to get here

An intimate experience with land and sea awaits those with a sense of adventure and the skills necessary for a wilderness trip. There are no roads into Gwaii Haanas - access is limited to boats and seaplanes. Visitors who come to explore Gwaii Haanas do so either as part of a guided trip, travelling with one of our licensed tour operators, or on a self-guided adventure.

Contact us

Telephone: 250-559-8818
Toll-free: 1-877-559-8818

Hours of operation

Gwaii Haanas is open to visitors.

Our peak visitor season is from June through September.


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